We only have one day in Bangkok. We go outside the hotel and it’s hot as f***. In the street the vegetation is lush, the feeling that we’re not at home anymore undeniable. Sex workers across the street intermingle with regular massage parlors and fast food stalls. Vendors sell grilled chicken, fried chicken, fruit, banana pancakes. Hearing that it has good food, we head to a mall with a different country theme for each floor. We eat the best thai food of our life in the food court (more like an indoor streetfood festival), peering at a replica of the golden gate bridge and several high-end super modern stores.

For dinner we go to what looks like a tiki-bar for brits, wasting a meal and learning the hard way that the best food in Bangkok is serving in tiny allys by carts that look like someone just decided to take out their grill and tail-gate for the day. The next day the vendors change but the quality of food remains the same. For breakfast we get amazing hot and sour soup for about $1 before heading to Chiang Mai.