So this one time in South Korea we decided to go to a cafe. Not just any cafe. A sheep cafe. Like Tokyo’s animal cafes, Seoul has cafes filled with cats and dogs and, apparently, sheep. After fighting our way through Hongdae, we found ourselves at the Thanks Nature Cafe. It was in a small mall and, sure enough, there were sheep. In a little pen in the mall. We first settled in for coffee and a surprisingly delicious waffle. While there a man came in and sat down. Then he proceeded to take out one stuffed animal. And then another. And another. And another. Soon we were sitting next to a tea party of stuffed animals.

After looking at each other and wondering if what we saw was real, we decided it was time to go outside and see the sheep. And see the other people seeing the sheep. And taking photos of the sheep:

The sheep, for their part, seemed sleepy and indifferent (it was a hot day).